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affordable, high quality psychotherapy services with marriage and family therapist interns who are participating in the Holos ecopsychology training program. We also offer unique group experiences in nature/wilderness therapy and vision quests.
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People of Holos Institute


...the folks who keep it going

Jan Edl Stein Jan Edl Stein, MFT

Jan is a pragmatic dreamer and licensed psychotherapist, in practice for over 25 years. She is the director of Holos Institute where she provides most of the individual and group supervision, oversees clinical policies and operations, and organizes the public educational programs. Read more...

Marriage Family Therapist Interns graduate interns in the process of acquiring their hours for licensure

Karen Batka Karen Batka

I work with individuals, couples and families and bring to my practice insight and experience on a variety of issues... Read more...

Jim Burns Jim Burns

I view psychotherapy to be a process of deep inquiry and self-discovery that engages a clients potential and the inner resources needed to repair and heal emotional wounds of the past... Read more...

Ananya Hixon Ananya Hixon

Having a broad range of experience helps me to empathize with other’s people’s lives more deeply... Read more...

Kayla Hochfelder Kayla Hochfelder

As an expressive arts therapist, Kayla utilizes a multi-modal approach to integrating the arts into a therapeutic healing practice. Read more...

Mary Good Mary Good

I bring to our journey together a heart based empathy, contained within a non-judgemental space. Read more...

Jessica Kluess Jessica Kluess Wilson

Trained in Gestalt psychology techniques, body-based modalities, and shamanic counseling techniques. Read more...

Raia Kogan

Raia Kogan  

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation for over a decade, I bring a holistic perspective to my work as a therapist. Read more...

Kirsten Leitner

Kirsten Leitner

In therapy, the sweet spot is a middle ground between active change and self-acceptance. The process of transformation relies on... Read More...

Isaac Milder

Isaac Milder

I help clients feel a sense of peace, wholeness, and to re-connect with their natural place in the world. Read More...

Amanda Morrison Amanda Morrison

Besides being an intern, Amanda is also stepping into a new position as " program development coordinator" Read more...

Krista Rhinehart

Krista Rhinehart

I believe in a hololistic approach which incorporates multiple ways of knowing and integrates the mind, body, and spirit into the healing process... Read more...

Rob Schene Rob Schene

Rob believes that developing a greater awareness or consciousness is one of the keys to self-growth and liberation... Read more...

Tamara Thebert Tamara Thebert

Through a relationship of trust and compassion, I provide a safe and sacred space to help you change your relationship to the thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and energies that create suffering. ... Read more...

America Worden America Worden

For me, therapy is like being in the woods. The way understanding filters down through layers of life like sunlight. Read more...

Associate Therapists
...licensed therapists who remain in our community
Jessica Wolk Jessica Wolk

Jessica specializes in helping people with relationship issues, including romantic, family, and work-related. Her primary goal is to help people connect more deeply with themselves...  Read more...

Founders of Holos

Alan Levin

Tracy Johansing

Board of Directors
Craig Chalquist, PhD -
Cathy Coleman, Ph.D. -
Inge Dean, MFT -
Karen Palamos, MFT -
Janis Phelps, PhD -
Sophia Reinders, PhD, MFT, REAT -