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affordable, high quality psychotherapy services with marriage and family therapist interns who are participating in the Holos ecopsychology training program. We also offer unique group experiences in nature/wilderness therapy and vision quests.
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Krista Rhinehart

My therapeutic approach integrates wisdom from Depth psychology, Somatics, Indigenous wisdom, Eastern philosophy, Jungian psychology, and Ecospsychology. I believe in a hololistic approach which incorporates multiple ways of knowing and integrates the mind, body, and spirit into the healing process. I provide psychotherapy and integrative healing for children, adults and families.

Krista Rhinehart

I believe that we all contain the wisdom within us to heal ourselves, but we must first learn how to navigate our own internal landscapes. I aspire to help you explore the wounds from the past in order to reclaim your true nature and move toward wholeness. Everyone grows up with elements of wounding to their sense of self which can result in psychological symptoms that block one from their true nature and deep wisdom. As a therapist I act as a guide to help you bring awareness to how the wound manifests in your life creating unconscious patterns and discomfort.

Your deep wisdom is not only contained in the mind, but exists in the body and offers a connection to the greater wisdom within the Universe. My intention is not only to help you heal from the past, but to direct your awareness to the ways that you are being held and guided by the universe in order to fulfill your deep purpose and reach your highest potential. I believe that you contain within you your own medicine and gifts that are unique and needed by the people you touch during your lifetime.

Krista received a bachelors in Psychology and Spanish literature, a masters in Counseling Psychology, and is currently earning a Ph.D. in East-West psychology. Additionally, she completed a nine month training program from the Child Trauma Institute, completed a training in Domestic violence, and received a specialization in Creative Expression with her masters degree.

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